Final words from Laura on the last day of the decade

I do not think I have posted contents of a newsletter into a blog before but wanted to share the newsletter with those of you who may not be a subscriber…


This is the last day of the decade! I have been banging on about the end of the decade for some time now, reason being I am always an optimist looking forward to what the future holds.

This decade ‘the zeros’ has been a great one for me, personal highlights include:

2011 – Finally a proposal and engagement to my boyfriend of 9 years

2013 – A house move and our wedding

2014 – We welcomed our cockapoo Monty

2015 – On the move again

2016 – The birth of our first and only child Harry

2018 – Celebrating 10 in years in business

2019 – Turning 40

There has been no doubt that in my professional life the meeting of Michael and I seven and half years ago was meant to be, a dental love story right there. Our relationship started as a business one and we are now fortunate to have a great friendship too.

There have been a huge number of people that I met and loved in the zeros and long wish for this to continue in the twenties.

There are affiliates that have supported me from the word go and still do now, there are many exciting new relationships forming too.

We are extremely lucky to work with so many lovely people, honestly some days we have to pinch ourselves as we seem to attract really NICE people, really kind people and I guess that comes from us all having a love for dentistry, after all this is why Horton Consulting was born.

What’s happening from us in the next year?

We will have a bit of a brand refresh with new photos that have been taken at the end of the year.

We have great events and courses coming up that I will list below and we will continue to work with our existing clients, and take on new ones for visionary days, one off team training days or more long term developments such as enhancing the patient experience over a period of time, working with all the team – dentists can be included!

Our podcast will continue to run pausing for a break in the spring before season 4 starts again in the summer.

At the beginning of the month Michael interviewed me for the podcast, (something I had avoided for many months) but decided there was no better way for you to hangout with us for the final podcast of the decade!

In 2020 our guests will take a different look at Dentistry and this should be a great learning experience for all, the main focus of the podcast will continue with us answering your questions so please do send them in!

Signing off for the last time this decade and wishing you all a fabulous 2020

Laura Horton

As promised here are the details of courses and events we have coming up……..

Courses we have coming up 

Practice Management course – for new and existing managers and for owners. Starting on the 27th of February 2020. End date June 2020.

Book by 10th January to save £100

Treatment Coordination LIVE  26th March 2020.

Book by 7th January to save £30

Reception LIVE 30th April 2020

Book by 17th January to save £30

Events we have coming up in quarter one –

Mastering Comprehensive Dentistry in Practice with the Multi Disciplinary Academy. Starts 28th February 2020

Bristol. Michael Bentley.

Inspiring women in Dentistry.  8th March 2020

Leeds. Laura Horton

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