Visionary Day

Design the Vision for your Practice

Visionary day for £1450 including vat

Behind every successful practice there is a clear vision that the leaders can communicate to the team, implement and measure.

Many business owners know they need a vision and often equate this to the turnover they wish to achieve. Whilst the financial goal is clear the process of getting there often leaves the business owners overwhelmed and the team frightened by the financial figure itself.

We break the business into 7 key areas, assess where you are currently, help you map where you need to be and importantly provide direction and a 12 month plan on how you can get there.


Laura Horton and Michael Bentley in your practice assessing your business.


  • Observe your practice live in action as it would normally operate
  • Hold detailed one2one meetings with your team where needed
  • Spend 4 hours with the business owners and management to understand your long term goals and help you strategically plan

Create an action plan with you for your:

  • Vision / Goals short and long term
  • Financial targets and systems
  • Marketing
  • The client experience
  • The team’s roles and responsibilities
  • Compile a detailed report with our recommendations for you to follow

There are only a limited number of Visionary Days available per year – call us today to book your Visionary Day.

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