Patient Experience Development

Are you a dentist that is looking to increase conversion rates?

Are you a dentist that is not doing enough of the dentistry that you love?

We can help you by teaching you and your team how to enhance your communication skills to convert more treatment plans.

Laura has presented treatment plans to patients with an average value of £14k for cosmetic dentistry, £25k for implant dentistry and she has presented up to a value of £80k! She had a 97% conversion rate from assessment to treatment.

Laura is a master at communicating with patients and provides training to dentists with her grass roots knowledge experience. Every aspect of training comes from real experiences with patients over a period of many years.

If you would like to enhance your conversion rates we do this by:

  1. Implementing a 35 point new patient assessment
  2. Implementing an 8 stage routine assessment
  3. Developing your treatment planning systems
  4. Helping you to communicate the options, benefits, risks and fees to your patient in a clear and concise way

We support you with your communication systems to allow you to assess, diagnose and treat your patients in the outstanding clinical way that you wish to.

We will work with your team to enhance their verbal skills and systems so they are converting more patients:

  1. On the telephone
  2. By email
  3. Through treatment coordination

We help you to do more of the dentistry that you love to do by implementing triage and diary management systems.

Further more we will assess your patient experience to ensure you are creating raving fans out of your patients to ensure they are recommending your business to all, for all the right reasons!

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