Treatment Coordination

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  • Fully automated treatment coordination system
  • Telephone conversion systems
  • Customer service systems
  • A new patient examination that builds value
  • Effective treatment presentations

Dentists who are implementing the treatment coordinator (TCO) role are realising the benefits this can bring, not only to their practice but also to the lives of their team and, most importantly, their patients – the people who pay their wages!

So why are dentists reaping so many benefits and why does this happen so quickly?

Prior to implementing a TCO, dentists and their practices were suffering. The reason for this? There may be many as each practice is different.

The patient’s experience from the first phone call through to treatment update has to be executed to a high level.

The aim of the TCO role is to remove non-clinical dentistry from the dentist, to provide a high level of customer service and to build excellent relationships with patients. TCOs trained by us help to increase turnover by 24-40%.

If you would like to increase your conversion rates as well as turnover then you will need to:

  • Train your front desk team to convert at least three out of every four enquiries.
  • Implement the TCO role to drive the systems forward and convert patients. TCOs have an average of 75% – 80% conversion rate on a free consultation.
  • Up-skill the dentists to present treatment in a clear productive way that leads to a minimum 90% conversion rate.

Who is treatment coordination for?

The role of a Treatment Coordinator (TCO) is rapidly growing within UK dental practices. Horton Consulting is proud to be at the forefront of this implementation. Every type of practice in the UK can now take advantage of having a productive Treatment Coordinator – Horton Consulting is successfully implementing this role, not only in private practice, but in mixed and NHS practices too.

Practice owners find this popular role difficult to successfully implement on their own and do not know the correct way to introduce it into their practice. Therefore it is essential that effective, focused training is undertaken.

This is not just a training programme it is a consultancy process to ensure the treatment coordinator is a fully functioning structure in your business.

This role is about giving your patients’ options and changing their perception of dentistry.

The aim of the TCO role is to remove 90% of non clinical dentistry from the dentist, to provide a high level of customer service and to build excellent relationships with your patients. The TCO will connect with patients on a different level – in sharp comparison to the traditional way this has been done. In effect the TCO is a solution not only for your patients but to the practice, the dentists, and the team’s needs.

This vital role can be incorporated into your practice in two days. All you have to do is schedule the training, implement and follow the system and watch the practice hit new heights.

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