Laura Horton

Laura Horton is a trailblazer in Treatment Coordination with a robust 25-year tenure in dentistry, starting as a dental nurse. Her zeal for enhancing treatment coordination, along with clinic and team growth, is unparalleled.

As the owner of a dental clinic, Laura spearheads her team, integrating a state-of-the-art digital patient journey from the first point of contact to in-depth consultations, ensuring a flawless experience. Her expertise in marketing and patient care workflows is central to this process, all pivoting around the Treatment Coordination model.

A GDC registrant, Laura has dedicated 15 years to augmenting clinics via her consultancy, standing as a linchpin in the dental community.

Laura’s proficiency in patient communication is unparalleled, and she imparts her grassroots knowledge to both clinicians and their teams through comprehensive training. Her methodologies are forged from extensive, real-world patient interactions.

Renowned for her educational prowess, Laura has mentored thousands of treatment coordinators. Her reputation for crafting custom content has made her a go-to resource for international dental brands.



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