Dental Receptionist Training

The front desk team are representing the professionals in the business throughout the entire day, every day, we know that if the front desk team do not have the systems and support to help them in their role the entire practice can be working under huge pressures, and a bad day can turn into a bad week. We know this as we love working on the front desk!

We can help your team by:

  • Implementing systems to ensure everyone is working in the same efficient manner
  • Train your team so everyone can become as good as your golden person on the desk (no more panicking that Mary is on holiday as the rest of the team can do just as great a job as Mary)

Training focuses on the patient experience from the way the team meet the patient to the way that they book appointments, handle cancellations and patients that have forgotten their payment!

We support dental businesses with the marketing ROI by training the team to convert new patient enquiries with our been there done that proven methods.

Furthermore we have the answers for everything and we will not only train the team on verbal skills we can provide those verbal skills on paper for your team to use each day.

System issues can be provided to us by the managers, team and also through observation of the team live in action. If you wished there could be a fly on the wall to see what is really happening in the hub of your practice we are more than happy to observe in a relaxed way so the team do not feel any additional pressures in their working day. In fact, observation often supports practice development more so as we can communicate to all of the team exactly what is happening and why we advise a system change!

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