Treatment Coordination Video eLearning

Welcome to the world’s first treatment coordination video elearning programme!

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This e-Learning programme will:

  • Help you master how to use a treatment coordinator for free consultations in your practice.
  • Will explain to you and show you exactly how to hold free consultations as a treatment coordinator.

Free consultations

  1. Work – they bring new patients through the door
  2. Save the dentist’s time – by doing at lot of the non clinical work for the clincian!

You may be reading this and you know that they work – you are the clinician already holding the complimentary consultations!

This costs you time and money.

The treatment coordinator should be holding the complimentary consultations in the dental practice – FACT but they must be trained to do so.

The treatment coordinator is a:

  • USP – a unique selling point, one dedicated member of the team to serve your patients no matter what
  • role that pushes the boundaries of customer service
  • one person role again responsible for the success of the customer service in your practice
  • team leader ensuring that everything else pushes through

The role of the treatment coordinator is a fantastic marketing tool – get out there and advertise complimentary consultations – this really will have your phone ringing off the hook!

Another plus point

Having a TCO also increases your conversion rates:

  • On the telephone
  • For treatment
  • And ultimately will increase the turnover of your practice

Why choose e-Learning?

  • The benefit of this e-Learning programme is that instead of having Laura in your practice in person – you can have Laura in your practice via the internet using your PC or MAC!
  • The major benefit is that the investment is much lower than having us come to your practice directly
  • The content is available for you to watch again and again and again
  • We provide you with a consultation form to train with and use thereafter with patients
  • There are worksheets that go alongside the videos to assist learning
  • There are questionnaires afterwards to gauge understanding
  • In this video e-Learning programm, the TCO role is completely broken down into stages to suit every type of learner

How does it work?

It’s completed in 5 easy steps:

  • Sign up
  • Wait for your log in details (24 working hours)
  • Watch the videos in order
  • Make sure each item is practiced before moving on
  • Organise time to watch the videos and to implement – make sure you set deadlines
  • Make sure you utilise everything that is available to you, this programme has it all. Keep coming back, watching and critiquing the role of the treatment coordinator until you get it just so

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