A Horton Hangout is a unique question and answer session via a podcast.

Questions are submitted, and we promise that we never reveal any information about the person who has asked the question, we simply read out your question and answer it. It is a great way to get free advice from us and we can answer any question in relation to the subject of dentistry!

Please send us your questions through the question form below and the more detail you give us the better we can help!

New for 2019 – Each month we will have a guest Hangout. We have selected inspirational people who are going to provide you with top tips as well as answering your questions.

Listen to the latest podcasts:

Episode 32: Handling expectations and results for a new treatment coordinator

| Horton Consulting | 29:47 |

Handling expectations and results for a new treatment coordinator, the implications of patients' cancelling late in a very busy hygienist book and adding in your employee benefits to recruitment advertisements. The three questions we answered in this month's Horton Hangout.

Episode 31: Meet our 5th guest for this bonus podcast. We were delighted to hangout with Dr Nadim Majid!

| Horton Consulting | 39:56 |

Nadim is a dedicated and enthusiastic dental surgeon with a proven track record in delivering the highest standards of care. Skilled in the use of sedation and hypnotherapy and aesthetic and implant orientated treatments. Roles: Practice owner, manager and dentist Location: Preston, Lancashire Key facts: Dad to twins boy and girl, opened a squat private practice in sept 2008 and the twins were born November 2008. Read an estimated 500-600 books in the last 8 years on personal development, psychology, business and marketing. Nadim qualified from Liverpool University in 2001, completed a diploma in Implant dentistry and has a Masters in Implantology. Nadim has invested over £100,000 in his post grad training and over £30,000 on personal development and training (non dental related). Is a trained NLP practitioner with Paul Mckenna training. Learned to Code and programme in spare time and built first practice website in 2001 before many dental practices were online. He is working hard with the local community promoting oral health. Outside dentistry, he enjoys spending time with his family, computing/internet, keeping fit and personal development.

Episode 30: Offering finance in your dental practice

| Horton Consulting | 37:27 |

Offering finance in your dental practice, salary banding for the front desk and long term team members, tips for job interviews. The three questions we answered and discussed in this months Horton Hangout.   www.horton-consulting.com

Episode 29: The impact of Smile Direct Club

| Horton Consulting | 33:15 |

The impact of Smile Direct Club, employing hygienists, using a self-employed nurse for holiday cover. The questions we answered in this month's Horton Hangout Podcast   www.horton-consulting.com www.horton-consulting.com/blog 

Episode 28: Bonus systems

| Horton Consulting | 33:42 |

Bonus systems, social media engagement and the benefits of keeping in touch days. 3 questions we answered on this month's Horton Hangout podcast.   Horton-consulting.com horton-consulting.com/blog 

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