A Horton Hangout is a unique question and answer session via a podcast.

Questions are submitted, and we promise that we never reveal any information about the person who has asked the question, we simply read out your question and answer it. It is a great way to get free advice from us and we can answer any question in relation to the subject of dentistry!

Please send us your questions through the question form below and the more detail you give us the better we can help!

New for 2019 – Each month we will have a guest Hangout. We have selected inspirational people who are going to provide you with top tips as well as answering your questions.

Listen to the latest podcasts:

Episode 30: Offering finance in your dental practice

| Horton Consulting | 37:27 |

Offering finance in your dental practice, salary banding for the front desk and long term team members, tips for job interviews. The three questions we answered and discussed in this months Horton Hangout.   www.horton-consulting.com

Episode 29: The impact of Smile Direct Club

| Horton Consulting | 33:15 |

The impact of Smile Direct Club, employing hygienists, using a self-employed nurse for holiday cover. The questions we answered in this month's Horton Hangout Podcast   www.horton-consulting.com www.horton-consulting.com/blog 

Episode 28: Bonus systems

| Horton Consulting | 33:42 |

Bonus systems, social media engagement and the benefits of keeping in touch days. 3 questions we answered on this month's Horton Hangout podcast.   Horton-consulting.com horton-consulting.com/blog 

Episode 27: Getting the team on board with treatment coordination

| Horton Consulting | 37:30 |

Getting the team on board with treatment coordination, start and end of day checklist and dealing with sickness. Three questions we answered in this month's Horton hangout podcast.   www.horton-consulting.com

Episode 26: Special Guest Edition - Meet Dr Andy Denny

| Horton Consulting | 35:19 |

In our 4th edition of the Horton Hangout Guest we are pleased to hangout with Dr Andy Denny. Roles: Practice owner with Dentist wife Becky who is co-owner and business manager / Dentist Location: Somerset, England Key facts about Dr Denny: Served as a Royal Navy Dental Officer for 7 years Set up their private practice from nothing but a ‘squat’ 15 years ago and have grown it into a regionally renown centre for multi-disciplinary cosmetic and implant dentistry Andy has been an examiner for the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners at the Royal College of Surgeons in London Has spoken nationally and internationally on orthodontics, implants, composites, multi-disciplinary dentistry and treatment planning Has won 3 Aesthetic dentistry awards for ‘Full Mouth Restorative Case’ and ‘Orthodontic Case – Fixed Braces (Adult)’ as well as being highly commended as Best Aesthetic practice Andy works 3 1/2 days a week clinically with other time spent on the business or teaching/mentoring. He avoids dentistry in the evenings and weekends and has always spent as much time as he can supporting his children with their sports/clubs/hobbies. https://www.horton-consulting.com/courses/dentistry-academy/  https://www.twenty2dental.com/meet-the-team/ 

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