A Horton Hangout is a unique question and answer session via a podcast.

Questions are submitted, and we promise that we never reveal any information about the person who has asked the question, we simply read out your question and answer it. It is a great way to get free advice from us and we can answer any question in relation to the subject of dentistry!

Please send us your questions through the question form below and the more detail you give us the better we can help!

New for 2019 – Each month we will have a guest Hangout. We have selected inspirational people who are going to provide you with top tips as well as answering your questions.

Listen to the latest podcasts:

Episode 36: Being Kind

| Horton Consulting | 34:31 |

In this podcast the voices and faces behind the Instagram profile for Horton Consulting bring to you the real meaning of the quotes uploaded over the last 18 months on the subject of kindness and support.

Episode 35: Bonuses for TCOs

| Horton Consulting | 31:41 |

Bonuses for TCOs, handling a bad review and follow up systems for TCOs.

Episode 34: Hanging out with us

| Horton Consulting | 01:05:49 |

In the last podcast of 2019 and the decade, Michael Bentley turns the tables and interviews Laura Horton.

Episode 33: Meet our 6th guest

| Horton Consulting | 43:18 |

Esther is the owner of two dental practices, is a mother of 3 and has a business in reflexology.

Episode 32: Handling expectations and results for a new treatment coordinator

| Horton Consulting | 29:47 |

Handling expectations and results for a new treatment coordinator, the implications of patients' cancelling late in a very busy hygienist book and adding in your employee benefits to recruitment advertisements.

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