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New for Autumn 2018 – Each month we will have a guest Hangout. We have selected inspirational people who are going to provide you with top tips as well as answering your questions.

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Episode 22: HR advice for dealing with lateness

| Horton Consulting | 31:34 |

HR advice for dealing with lateness, a team that seems to have fallen apart, choosing a TCO for your practice and is your marketing budget right... three meaty questions we discussed and answered on this month's Horton Hangout.   www.horton-consulting.com

Episode 21: Special Guest Edition - Meet Dr Sarah Jane Dunne. Practice owner

| Horton Consulting | 47:37 |

In our second edition of Horton Hangout Guest we are pleased to hangout with Dr Sarah Jane Dunne. Sarah Jane answers some amazing questions and really displays her passion for dentistry in this podcast. Roles: Practice owner with dentist husband Ray / business manager / Dentist Location: Dublin, Ireland Key facts about Dr Dunne: She celebrates surviving 20 years in the dental sector  Dr Dunne has transitioned from a clinical role to a non-clinical role mid-career She believes in embracing the power of systems in dental practice to reduce stress, increase productivity and happiness for the whole team, ensuring your practice can run smoothly whether you are there or not. Dr Dunne believes in building a dental practice that is a truly profitable business, not just a job where you work for a crazy boss… yourself! Guest Profile Dr Dunne and her partner have a busy, profitable and lovely practice with very healthy and growing patient numbers, delivering comprehensive dental care with the assistance of a great team. Dr Dunne works no more than 4 days per week, takes regular time out for holidays and courses and is looking forward to new business developments in the future. However, life in dentistry has changed a great deal over Sarah Jane’s 20 years since she qualified in 1998: Dr Dunne qualified from the Dublin Dental School in Trinity College Dublin. Having not been one of Trinity’s most impressive dental students she surprised the entire class, including herself, by graduating with first class honours in all subjects. After graduation she worked in the UK providing NHS and private dentistry in Camden and later in Putney. The three years in London were hugely beneficial in gaining experience, learning to work quickly and efficiently and realising the importance of excellent communication in being a good dentist. It also gave her a very strong indicator for what she did and did not want in the next stage of her dental career In 2001 Dr Dunne returned to Dublin with her partner, and a new baby and purchased an existing Private Practice in Dundrum Village in South County Dublin from a lovely retiring dentist, whose patients adored him. He had kindly primed all of his lovely patients with the knowledge that ‘two whizz kids were taking over, just back from London’. They had a wonderful introduction to the practice and within the first 2 years built the practice up from a single fulltime dentist to two fulltime dentists and a hygienist. From there they added their lovely and long term associate Paul O’Donnell who remains with them today. In about 2012 Dr Dunne faced a couple of large challenges – first a worsening back problem which was really interfering with her ability to deliver clinical dentistry, secondly a growing practice where there were increasing needs for financial control, a business manager, increasing compliance pressures, a marketing requirement and increasing time necessity for staff training and systems development. Having weighed up all of the pros and cons they decided on a fairly drastic restructure of the practice where Dr Dunne stepped into a completely non-clinical role focusing on the areas above, along with an extension and redevelopment of the practice to allow more treatment rooms for associate dentists and specialists. Over the last 5 years they have developed the practice systems and team so that they can now happily take holidays and never have the phone ring or an email ping!

Episode 20: Special Guest Edition - Meet inspiring practice owner Emma John

| Horton Consulting | 34:12 |

In our first edition of the Horton Hangout Guest we are pleased to hangout with Emma and have her share her many top tips for business and life success with you. Roles: Practice owner with Dentist husband Rhodi / business manager / Practice Manager / dental business consultant and trainer Location: Devon, England Key facts about Emma John: Emma was the first person to win two Practice Manager of the Year awards from two completely different dental industry bodies within 12 months of each other! Emma has flown ‘back seat’ in a Red Arrows Hawk Aircraft and was at the time the youngest ever dental practice manager in the Royal Air Force, running a dental practice at a main strike command flying base. Alongside her husband they purchased a dental practice going against all advice from their Accountants who advised them it was failing miserably. Not only did they turn it around but they also turned it a stunning, profit making, multi award winning practice that is noted as a flagship for many in the industry. Emma is a mum of four very successful children and is incredibly happily married, she survived the ups and downs of no work/life balance whatsoever in the early days and still believes she has one of the best jobs in the world. Guest Profile Emma John always wanted to work within dentistry, with no real explanation why, as she had not been encouraged to do so by either family or teachers. Emma left school with a good selection of O Levels and before her results arrived had already written to every dental practice in the area hoping she might be accepted in any part or role in the dental team. Emma was given an opportunity by a wonderful dentist (who still remains a good friend to this day) to become a dental nurse. She loved her position but had a desire to do more so applied to do dentistry within the Royal Air Force. Emma failed the RAF application process initially but was not prepared to give up and reapplied the following year.  This time she was given what would become another fantastic opportunity as Emma ultimately became promoted and moved into the role of a dental manager for a large team based at RAF Wyton, which was an important flying base in those days. Marriage and children then required a more settled way of life, or so she thought as her and her husband decided to purchase a practice of their own.  They relocated to Devon in 2001 with three young children and soon realised that working in a practice full of civilian staff would require a variety of management skills that she had never had to utilise previously. Further education was required and Emma embarked on a 12 month intensive management course, which thankfully paid dividends on so many levels or Emma doubts her career may well have finished at this point. By 2004 they had a clear vision of where they wanted to be and who they wanted to join in the way of a team. They relocated the practice and had a beautiful new build designed in line with the type of customers they were looking for and which would enable them to give the levels of service they had become so passionate about. Absolute Dental is now 17 years old and during that time they have seen huge changes within the profession that they have needed to accommodate in our working lives like so many others. Legislation continues to change and compliance is now a far greater part of dental practice life, however Emma cannot imagine ever doing anything else or indeed wanting to. Emma has learned to embrace change and still likes to rise to the challenges. When we created Emma’s biography she had just ended a six-week holiday and said “It is a wonderful feeling to know that I have been able to spend time at home with my family knowing I have the most brilliant of support team looking after everything for me”.

Episode 19: Tax and investments.. this month we answered questions on tax bills- never-ending cycles of loans and repayments and we answered questions on buying a dental practice. Enjoy!

| Horton Consulting | 33:39 |

Tax and investments.. this month we answered questions on tax bills- never-ending cycles of loans and repayments and we answered questions on buying a dental practice. Enjoy!  

Episode 18: Time management during a short month

| Horton Consulting | 33:46 |

Time management during a short month, time off for team members over Christmas, bonuses (again), and our thoughts about and the impact of Brexit in Dentistry. The four huge questions we answered in this month's Horton Hangout podcast.   Wishing you all a Merry Christmas.   horton-consulting.com 

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