If you feel like you are in a whirlwind you probably are

Practice ownership and management can feel like a whirlwind every, single, day.

I know because I have experienced it myself, so has Michael.

The trick is effective time management, you know that.

I am happy to share with you that I have tried everything, and have succeeded.

I have tried the A B C method – the focus is rarely on the B tasks and never on the C tasks and you end up with a huge list of items that you have procrastinated on and continue to do so.

I have tried Stephen Covey’s time management matrix; that was great for a while but requires a huge amount of control.

I have read endless books, Eat The Frog by Brian Tracy, The 4 Hour Work Week – that was a great one.

The one and only concept that has worked for me was taught by Tony Robbins and it is called Rapid Planning Method, RPM and it is the one!

Here I am with the main man some years ago (excuse my hair – he has you dancing and jumping all over the place!).

If you are in a whirlwind of tasks, projects, people management and development and are feeling overwhelmed it is time to take control of your TIME, and to do this you need to take time out.

It is not too late to book onto our Practice Management Course. It runs once a year and starts in February 2018. 6 days for a bargain £1880 including vat.

Just think by the end of Febuary you could have your time management under control!

This area is covered in Day 1 Leadership and Communication as great leaders schedule their priorities.





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