Reception LIVE

RECEPTION LIVE is a communication based, watch on-demand workshop (with staged live role plays) from Laura, who demonstrates exactly how the words we use and the way we portray ourselves can either win a patient over or send them somewhere else!

Laura has years of experience communicating with patients, and will show you the good, the bad and the ugly sides of communication on the front desk.

You will leave armed with verbal skills to ensure your communication can be the best it can be, guaranteeing that your patients become raving fans.

And many more situations that are relevant to the front desk – we even have dealing with smelly patients on our list!

Laura deliver over 40 plays in this course!


Horton Consulting’s unique LIVE on demand courses give you the skills you need through a series of staged role-plays – delivered by Laura Horton.

Delegates will be expected to sit back, listen and take notes.

Course duration and CPD

The course provides the student with 5hrs 15mins verifiable enhanced CPD outcomes A, B, C and D.

Once purchased the student will have access to the Reception LIVE on-demand recording for 7 days.

A license needs to be purchased for each person watching the course.


By attending this on demand virtual course you will:

  • Learn how to convert new patients on the telephone, by email, and walk in
  • Master verbal skills for the many difficult situations you face such as:
    • Complaints
    • Late running diaries
    • Late patients
    • Late cancellations
    • Lab work
    • IT issues
    • Bad news
    • No availability
    • Emergency patients
    • Smelly patients
    • Sales calls
    • Difficult names
  • Expand your current patient experience
  • Dealing with busy phones and desks
  • Customer service in all situations
  • Ideal language to build value in the practice in relation to the fees handling treatment plans at the front desk
  • Verbal skills for treatment descriptions
  • Words you should not be using!


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