Treatment Coordinator Training

Treatment Coordination Training

Bespoke Development for Your Clinic’s Success:

Embark on an educational journey tailored specifically for your Treatment Coordinator (TCO) with our meticulously crafted training programme.

Our hybrid format blends live, interactive sessions and mastermind days with access to a suite of professionally produced training materials, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Unlock a prestigious milestone in your professional journey with our Horton Honours Accreditation.

Built into our year-long program we provide a structured pathway to excellence in Treatment Coordination through independently assessed modular assessments. 




Creating exceptional TCO led patient experiences

Designed to grow your business and develop your TCO

What you get:

Everything you need to grow your business

My Treatment Coordination Training program gives you the quickest way to grow your business – without drowning in what to do to convert more patients to a paid appointment or treatment – without the overwhelm, without the anxiety, and without any over complications.

The program is designed to take out all the hard work that comes with implementing a treatment coordinator. There is nothing I have not thought of!

Onboard, excite, grow

The program material is easy to digest, and every clinic has a custom-designed development plan that is broken down so it is simple to action.

Laura is system crazy! We have all the systems required to grow your dental business with Treatment Coordination.

All you have to do is confirm you are the right fit by booking a call, have Laura design your development plan and then let us onboard you!  We support you without all the hassle of training your TCO yourself or leaving them to develop their own systems. This allows you to focus on what you love to do – dentistry.

Allows you to focus on your patients

I know that if I am able to take away the stress and complications, then you will then be able to focus on your patient in the chair – you will be more productive and therefore significantly increase your earnings.

My Treatment Coordination Training growth program implements everything you need.

Laura’s delivery, tips and tricks, and role play examples are very helpful. Including communication tips for discussions regarding the implementation of systems for the practice, patient and TCOS. – Sarah

About the Program

What is the Treatment Coordination program?

My Treatment Coordination program is a business and TCO development program like no other. No matter where you are when you start the program, we can ensure that you will have a fully utilised TCO and a systemised patient experience.

What makes Treatment Coordination different from all the rest?

To be clear, this program is not a course. It is a personalised development program. The program includes several courses to support you, but it is a high-level coaching program. What sets me apart from everything else in the market. It is based on my practical experience in building a 7-figure dental business. So, you are learning from someone that’s done it from scratch. If you want to learn from someone who has seen it all and that knows all the wrong turns as well as the right ones, then my Treatment Coordination program is is for you.

What is the investment to join the program?

To successfully build treatment coordination into your business with my method and support, it does requires a significant financial investment and also requires an investment of time from the TCO and management team, as well as their energy and commitment - so be ready for that. The majority of our clients increase their income substantially in a short space of time, however, this is not a “get rich quick” program. There will be moments of uncertainty, fear and doubt, and you will hit challenges and have setbacks. I am here and ready to support you whilst you go through any of these times. As far as training costs for the program, my clients invest at different levels and whoever you have your strategy call with will go over the options with you on your call to find the perfect solution for you.

Is the Treatment Coordination program for me?

For you to decide whether this is the right program for you and you’re the right person for me, the next step will be to book a strategy call, attend the strategy call, and I will assess your situation and see if I can help you. If you’re a good fit, they will invite you to join me. If you’re not a good fit, we will suggest what we think is the best path for you. We only work with people we know we can help and the only way to find out if you are one of those people is to book a call with one of our team immediately.

Will it work?

The reason that my clients are successful is because they come into the program and they listen, and they work with me. What I can tell you is that if you follow my methodology then 100% of the results are down to you - when you give your TCO(s) autonomy and you work together as a management and business development team it will work for you. If you all have the right attitude it will work. You’ve got me giving 100%, and we’ve got you giving a 100%. If you're going to come in and you're going to try it out and see if it'll work for you, and not be fully all in, then it won't work. It doesn't work for dabblers. So, when people come into this in a serious way, they'll get serious results.

Laura was fantastic, the course is so informative and engaging. I would absolutely recommend this course to anybody wishing to implement the treatment coordinator role in practice. I’m excited to use these concepts in my own role. – Toni

Treatment Coordination Training program breakdown:

You get immediate access to:

Validating how you will use a TCO

We design your 12 month development plan for the TCO and your business objectives through our onboarding process

Weekly coaching and training

Join me live every Monday and receive daily support too

121 coaching sessions

Coaching your TCO and providing bespoke 121 support is important to us

World class training – learn the vital steps in every workflow

4.0 Professional suite of Treatment Coordination training materials

Live mastermind days

Bi annual mastermind days for your TCOs to attend with me

Become a certified Master or Digital TCO

On completion of the year long program your TCO will gain a detailed certificate confirming their competence


Every TCO will have the chance to earn the prestigious Horton Consulting award in Treatment Coordination

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