Treatment Coordinator V Implant Coordinator

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The one thing that brings me joy each week is helping practices with the teams roles, descriptions and responsibilities.

One thing I am always explaining is the difference between a Treatment Coordinator (TCO) and implant coordinator.

Other ways to describe a TCO:

  1. TC
  2. Patient Coordinator
  3. Patient Care Coordinator
  4. Treatment Care Coordinator
  5. Client Care Coordinator

If you need to know more about this role and what a TCO does click here

The Implant Coordinator (ICO)

This role does what it says on the tin, once the patient has said they wish to go ahead then the ICO does all of the prep work for the fixture placement, orgainses apaperwork there after and deals with the post op instructions, makes sure the posts are ordered for the abudment stage etc.

However one person can complete both roles in the practice but the responsibilities need to be clearly defined.

I’m talking at the ITI congress about this in December why not come along?

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