The Treatment Coordinator and nervous patients’

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I often ask dentists if they like seeing nervous patients’.

They either jump to answer with a definite yes, or look worried for not speaking as they clearly are nice people and dont want to say that the mere thought raises their blood pressure!

I know its hard work seeing these patients but it is also very rewarding and you need to begin with the end in mind – stephen covey!

If you have a TCO then first things first the TCO can spend a mass amount of time with the NP before you do which helps them to relax and they are also used to the surroundings before they meet you.

For the dentists you can get to see patients for longer appointments, completing a couple of sessions of quadrant dentistry?

What we used to love about seeing nervous patients’ was the fact they referred their friends, told everyone they could about us, wrote great testimonials and helped us to build great portfolios too.

But the most rewarding of all was how as a team we helped them to turn a corner if their life, and to see someone grow in confidence because they trust and respect all of you in the practice should definitely fall under the banner of job satisfaction.

I do miss seeing nervous patients’. 80% of the patients I saw as a TCO for a free consultation (they were not seeing the dentists on the same day) were nervous of treatment and had not been for some time due to a bad experience, which included painful treatment, feeling rushed, not being listened to.

Take a look at your TCO and your marketing towards nervous patients’ and see how you can change what you do.

Laura Horton

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