Reviewing your systems

I have spoken to many practices this week who are trying really hard to make a positive change to their work environment and the way they do things. Of all the practices that I speak to, the ones who are doing this are successful. The practices that have sat back and done nothing during the downturn are the ones – surprise surprise – that are now feeling the effects. They are panicking, in desperate need of new patients and urgently need to reactivate their old patients.

Look at your practice and your systems. What does your practice have to offer your new patients? And are your patients aware of this? What is your web presence – do you own the local area? Does your website have a nice message or is it just pretty or flashy?

For your website and marketing literature your content is king. Then when the patients contact the practice the systems are king. How is each new patient treated? What will keep your active patients attending?

I feel you should all be doing something different each month to attract new patients. What are you doing?

Ask you team what your systems are like and how, for example, the new patient system works. Then start to work together as a team to change your practice for the better.

Look at everything in the eyes of your patients – because that is what the successful practices are doing and doing very well.


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