Body language on the telephone

I was going through my old theatre notes from drama school the other day and came across the importance of body language in communication. I had highlighted the percentages of the importance of the three main facets of communication these are:

Words 7% important

Tone 35% Important

Body Language 58% Important

I have always been interested in body language, being a character actor actions speak very much louder than words and it is so important to get this vital part of communication right. On stage I really enjoy providing reaction in scenes, using great body language and I have received comments that they have laughed or cried at just my body language. 

In dentistry we concentrate and get carried away with language and whilst that is very important, you need to combine the right words with using the right tone and paying special attention to body language, as it is the most important part.

Most people concentrate when they are face to face but what about when you are on the phone?

If you say a standard greeting:

“Hello my name is Michael Bentley” – no tonality change and humped over body language how important are the words? They just disappear.

If I say “Hello my name is Michael Bentley” – with a nice tone but still humped over and not using body language – still my words disappear not as much but they do disappear.

If I say “Hello my name is Michael Bentley” – with a good tone and my body language is good – straight back, bit of arm movement enthusiasm this Hello will sound amazing.

There is a reason why some people on the phone start using their arms in a phone call, believe it or not this body language really helps to support tone and bring your words to life.

Try it it’s amazing the positive difference this will make, It is always the little things that make patients value your experience and body language is key.



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