My Adventure to Europe

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2011 really did end of a high for me.

I spent my final working days in an amazing practice in Luxembourg, and thought I would give you a quick overview of my time there.

I was contacted by the principal dentist in the Autumn as she was looking for a TCO. I created a blog post about it but did pre warn her that the language skills owned by the people of the UK are not as extensive as those in Europe!

Luckily the principal dentist had an excellent team member move back to her area, and begin work with her again so the hunt was now over. There are other team members that can take on the role, but she needed one more person as the team she has are important in terms of the current structure.

The treatment coordinator for beginners programme is a two day event in practice. I offered to extend this to 2.75 days in case we needed time for translation.

The team spoke a mixture of languages: German, French, Italian, Russian, English, Spanish and even more. The front desk team member Jenny (who is wonderful) speaks seven languages!

This alone I find outstanding!

The practice:

This was the most amazing practice I have possibly ever seen. The design was amazing, it was modern, fresh and the atmosphere when I arrived was splendid.

I will post some pictures onto my Facebook page soon.

The team:

When I arrived the team all came and introduced themselves to me, for once every team member smiled and shook my hand. They then lead me to the office (office is not the best word to use as this room is awesome).

I have to say that I have never been so well looked after. The team and principal really cared for me. As I arrived the table in the office was filled with breakfast – pastries, fruit, juices you name in it was on the table and we all enjoyed a lovely but very late breakfast.

If you don’t know already I love tea! On this trip I forgot to take my tea bags (I also drink decaf tea) the practice didn’t have any English tea, but they did have an extensive collection of herbal teas. They told me about a tea that a English client of the practice drinks – I tried it and it was lovely, a great recommendation!

How this team took in so much information in another language for two days was beyond me. I cannot express enough in writing how well they did. They were excellent – but they kept worrying! ” is this ok?” “I am saying this the correct way?” My response was that some TCOs in the UK struggle with some of the verbal skills when they first try them, but these girls were getting in spot on first time and every time.

The principal:

The principal I adored for many reasons:

I would like you to imagine owning a dental business in the UK and advertising was banned by the government. This is what happens in this practice. They are not allowed websites, to advertise with flyers, you name it they cant do it.

This lady has spent 4 years building an amazing practice that delivers high end dentistry in a prestigious yet, tough area in Europe.

This was a great experience for me, I learned so much about the different culture (yes it is different), and met the most lovely people who really have a passion for dentistry. Working with this team made me feel very special. We had a great two days and on the Thursday night we went out for a meal and to a bar – champagne had to be ordered as these people truly deserved it!

Thank you to all of the team and the principal dentist you know who you are – you made sure 2011 ended on a high.

To describe this trip in one word it would have to be:


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