Management Monday:Dealing with cold calls

One of the key elements being a Practice Manager is time management. Last week I have really upped the profile of my practice as the team and I were out an about raising awareness in our town centre. However the downside to this has been an inundation of many cold calls trying to sell me everything from double glazing to dental chairs to garden furniture! Fortunately I have a little answer phone system which screens my calls and all I have to do is listen and delete – but in reality check how much time do managers spend having chats with cold callers and Reps that arrive on the doorstep with no appointment!0600

I have a wonderful relationship with the companies affiliated with my dental practice and I respect the role they do. However if you are not scheduled, I am not prepared for you and I don’t require an unexpected visit because you are in the area. I already have a massive to do list, so guess what? That’s right you are not on the list!

Why do I say that? Well it is not because I don’t like rep’s, far from it I love them and would rather engage with them correctly rather than in a rushed 2 minute conversation!

So three quick tips for you to help this problem:

Tip 1 – educate the front desk team to inform any cold callers or reps that pop in on the off chance that the manager only sees reps by a scheduled appointment or telephone call only. This is great for the team and you. The team are clear about what they are going to say so they don’t keep bothering you and the rep has no choice but to leave the premises.

Tip 2 – Inform all the representatives from companies that you work with that you only see them by appointment. All reps respond to this direct communication and it creates a win win. They know when they do have a visit scheduled that you are ready for them and they can prepare a suitable agenda and likewise you can do that same.

Tip 3 – If you get a rep or cold caller that keeps bothering the practice, then call customer services and complain. This is your moment to confirm your policy on receiving phone calls and representatives.

Remember if it is not scheduled in your day it is not important to you, all it becomes is a waste of time and lets face it we do not have time to waste.


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