Management Monday: I don’t like Mondays

For most people, Mondays are the worst day of the week. There are five days of work stretching out ahead of you before you can have two days off, and Monday morning usually involves picking up all the tasks you didn’t finish the previous week. It’s hardly appealing.unhappy1

Yet there are some people who don’t dread Mondays – in fact, they actually look forward to them. If you want to make the first day of the week much more enjoyable, the key is to use the last day of the week to full effect. Here are three things you should be doing on a Friday:

1. Clear your head – and your desk. If you have a tendency to think about work over the weekend, try writing everything down before you leave on a Friday and putting the list in the middle of a clear desk. Every time you catch yourself thinking about work before Monday, tell yourself you don’t need to worry because everything is on your list, which is the only thing you need to worry about when you get back to work – everything else has been cleared away.

 2. Plan ahead. Setting out a clear list of what you need to achieve the following week will mean you don’t have to think too hard when you arrive on Monday morning. You can hit the ground running and start ticking things off from the moment you arrive – what could be more satisfying?

3. Finish things. It’s tempting to start winding down from lunchtime on a Friday (or possibly earlier!) but concentrate on clearing out those annoying tasks you’ve been putting off. Focus on how good you will feel on Monday when you don’t have to worry about them any more.

Finally, make the most of your weekend. You may want to check your emails and messages from home, but be honest with yourself: what will happen if you don’t respond until Monday? If it’s not urgent, keep that work-life balance by leaving it until working hours begin again. You will feel much more rested and will look forward to Monday if you’ve had a proper break.


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