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Lately have have been to many practices to help them progress with their goals and dreams.

The common statement that I have heard is ” my team do not like change”.

I want to remind everyone why this is:

  1. The team member has had a bad experience in the past with a “change” that didnt work out
  2. The team always hear ideas and are told their will be some “change” but nothing ever happens from the leader so they feel when they are being told about new ideas and concepts that history is repeating itself and they are wasting their time listening!
  3. They may worry that they don’t have the skills to do what you ask
  4. They want to understand why, some people really need to know the ins and outs of everything, even if this frustrates you you need to inform people t the highest level!
  5. The goal you are giving them is too big or too far away in the future, breaking things down does not scare people

So what to do?

Communicate effectively with your team about the changes you want to acheive and why you want to do them, and get them involved – what do you all need to do to get to reach your goals?

Laura Horton

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