The latest rat trap – social media bloggers and free treatment

I am becoming increasing worried as I hear more about practices being offered free PR in exchange for free treatment.

I have been there – Z list celebs and journalists wanting free treatment in exchange for promoting you.

Now life has changed as they snap chat about it, insta about it and LIVE about it. They don’t even have to be a Z list celebrity, just having a huge social media following makes them seem attractive to you the business owner who wants new clients.

If  any of the new age “bloggers” approached me my response would be ‘I am not giving you anything for free’.

If they want to pay for the treatment, blog about it and then receive an Amazon voucher (for example) for £25 or €30 for every patient that comes from said blog / snap chat/ insta then happy days. If not then please go away.

Yes you get links and Google will love you but it is not worth the hassle. Once you do one they will keep on coming.

Take my advice:

How are either of the above good for your brand?

My advice is do not do it, you should never ever exchange treatment for any other service, be that decoration of the practice, your tax return or PR. If you don’t believe me check with your defence union.


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