Handling members of the team who decline the Covid-19 vaccination

Despite the lack of clarity, confusion and threats of the ‘green book’ some of the dental profession have been lucky enough to have great GP practices and vaccinations have begun.

This is great news, but as always with every piece of great news there are differences of opinion, and practice staff are discussing their personal choices and feelings (perhaps the last time was the Brexit vote) about the vaccine and sharing their opinions, and in my opinion, it is dangerous territory.

We do not want to see team members falling out at any time and especially now.

What every single one of us has to remember is that we all have our own personal reasons for saying yes or no.

At one end we have team members who are vulnerable or caring for vulnerable members of their family. They are understandably frightened and have been very worried for almost a year now.

At the other end, we have team members who for varied reasons have declined. The reasons why?

Quite frankly it is none of our business! It is however a time to remind ourselves that we do not know what goes on behind closed doors.

What we need to stop is the ‘calling out’ of team members in practice, team members being made to feel guilty/uneducated/irresponsible. Some are being inundated with questions as to why they have declined. It is not acceptable and has to stop.

Yes, we are all entitled to our opinions, but no team member should ever be called out by another over any opinion they do or do not share.

This is deeply personal to all of us.

Let’s keep our team members calm, a harmonious working environment is very important to everyone’s mental health.


In case you are wondering I am going to be having the vaccine. Also, I was elated that my 85-year-old Grandad had his first jab last week. We miss him so very much.

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