Great task managment tip from a practice manager

I was in a practice last week and they were discussing the reintroduction of a task management tool for the team. It was something the used to use daily but fell out of the routine.

The practice manager is Holly and she works in a private practice in Manchester.

Everyone said how great it was, and I found out more!

This web based software the practice manager introduced – it is amazing and I have no hesitation to recommend it.

Holly shared her login details with me as it is now fully up and running in the practice (she was working on it over the weekend I am sure!)

Tasks are tagged, delegated, and given completion dates.

The team can make comments, Holly gets notification when tasks are complete. You can upload files and images too.

Holly has also created sections and tags. She has sections for TCO, marketing, finance etc

Herself and the principal have profiles and everyone can add to theirs too.

Its name: Asana

Here is video about it:

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