Fact Friday: What bosses don’t say

There are some things all bosses would love to say, but can’t. Here are our Top 10 facts:shutterstock_137272214

1. “Let’s share secrets!” No matter how well you get on with your employees, as a business manager or owner, there will always be things you can’t tell them.

2. “Have fun!” Even the most focused boss can remember the days when they had a laugh at work. They don’t resent you enjoying your job, as long as you get the work done.

3. “I should pay you more!” Many business leaders know their best staff deserve a better wage, but saying so will create a sense of dissatisfaction which their finances don’t allow them to address.

4. “Don’t go!” Staff turnover is a fact of life. Business owners get used to having to replace staff, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t sorry when good employees leave.

5. “I don’t know everything!” By their nature, bosses can seem bossy. It doesn’t mean they think they have all the answers – just that they have ultimate responsibility for success or failure, so they want things done right.

6. “Work is boring!” There are aspects of every job that people don’t like. Bosses know this – but they also know that they’re essential parts of the job and if they’re not done, the business will suffer.

7. “Your colleague is rubbish!” There are people in every business who don’t pull their weight – and the boss knows that as much as anyone. However, gossiping behind their back won’t solve the problem and would be unfair, so don’t expect it to happen.

8. “Be free!” A good boss will not tell you to work independently – they will wait for you to take the initiative and show your abilities.

9. “Like me!” A business owner can often seem distant and uninterested. They’re not – they want to be liked as much as anyone, and they want you to like your job.

10. “My job is hard!” Being a boss is stressful and hard, and involves a lot of worry. A good boss will hide their problems, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t irritable or short tempered when things get tricky.

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