Does your Treatment Coordinator have their own diary?

The role of the Treatment Coordinator is varied throughout the UK.Laura_ Horton_ by_ Catchlight_Art_Photography (6)

I am either contacted by dental practices in the UK that have a Treatment Coordinator – but do not know what they should be doing, or want to implement the role and want me to help them with the entire integration from day one.

First things first every Treatment Coordinator needs their own diary. New patients are booked into see the Treatment Coordinator as they would do a dentist for their first appointment.

Many practices use a Treatment Coordinator to meet new patients’ and complete the medical history form. Using a Treatment Coordinator for this purpose means that you are underutilising them.

First and foremost before you begin with any training for the Treatment Coordinator they do need their own diary and it needs to be orgainsed and structured. Then you can take the role further in your practice.

Laura Horton

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