Dentist V Cosmetic Surgeon

I was having aCRW_7498 chat with a friend of mine last week and she was telling me about the cosmetic surgery she is planning to have later this year. As with patients that are looking for cosmetic dentistry she has done her research on the internet.  My friend also wants some cosmetic dentistry and we were discussing which practices she might attend.

She suddenly clammed up and said “I can’t do it, I can’t go to the dentist”. She has a fear of the dentist. She has had a bad experience  in the past and feels that the dentist will “tell her off” for not looking after her teeth sufficiently well enough.

By now I was wondering why would you not be afraid to go under the knife, yet have a fear of seeing a dentist – I know what I would rather choose! She explained to me that because she can go and see a nurse first of all, who is friendly and doesnt judge her, she feels more comfortable. She also knows that she can be open and honest and if she doesn’t like the clinic she doesnt have to go back.

When I told her about Treatment Coordinators in dental practices she then leapt from her chair and demanded to know which of the practices I had recommended had a Treatment Coordinator. I told her and now she has made an appointment to see two practices and will decide which one she likes!

If you have a Treatment Coordinator then advertise this special role – it will stop patients preferring the knife to a new smile once they know what the practice has to offer them!


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