Companies that add value

It’s so too hard to do, but you have to, want to offer added value.


I’ve been on a mission since last Nov to add value in the best way possible to my clients, they already no how and soon you will see too when my website is updated in the new year.

Just yesterday Gary Nelson of Quality Plan has run another competition to win a prize. He does this every year from advent calendars, wine coolers and now lovely warm hats. He doesn’t have to do this but he wants to, because it is fun and his clients enjoy it.

Take a look at Apples recent event, just for being an Apple customer you can upgrade your operating system for free. I couldn’t believe it when I watched the keynote (yes I am a geek).

A client of mine has been offering free mouth cancer screening to their clients friends and family this month to gain awareness.

If you are thinking about how you can grow your business next year, please don’t forget about added value and the importance. It may be small but should be a big part of your business.


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