Choosing the correct time for a holiday

Yesterday I was at my desk and compiling my to do list after a week away.

I often the feeling of having a week away disappears very quickly due to the amount of emails and urgent or important action points that you have to deal with.

I know if I contact someone while they are away, I never contact them again on the day they return – there is nothing worse!

This week however, I had less emails to reply to than normal as well as less phone calls to return.

Which meant that by lunch time yesterday I had emptied my inbox and was ready for another fab month in the life of Laura Horton and all things LHC related.

I felt really happy about the amount of “admin” I had to do on my return and know full well this is due to the “time” in which I took my break.

The 4 day weekend really helped as there were only 3 working days that I had missed. Yes I had answered some emails while away  and my PA Alison dealt with phone messages and booked calls into my diary at mutually convenient times for my return but nether the less I am back on track and feeling good not stressed with a heavy workload.

I love to work on my business and I know now that by the end of this week I will have done my fair share of that too!

Contrast this to the week that I have in September every year with out fail, I know I will need a full day when I return just to deal with emails and phone calls. Its a busy time for my business but I have to go away as soon as the schools are back for one last break before (dare I say it) Christmas!

Laura Horton

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