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Every now and then we have do make changes in our business that are unpleasant to do. But business is business and everything happens for a reason.

So what’s been happening for me?

My PA Katey and I have called time on our working relationship and as much as it pained us both to say / do it we both know its the right thing to do for now.

I need someone to help me on a daily basis and Katey has been working for me all day on Mondays. Katey also has a new business venture as a Dental VA and needs to get this up and running as well as fulfilling her other work commitments. As my business has grown, Katey has been a great help but we both met to say the same thing – I need smaller, more regular sessions from a PA.

Katey and I will of course remain friends, and I know I can use her services for ad hoc work – this is what she does for dental practices.

I lost sleep over this decision, and know this is probably why  I was ill last week, but it was the right thing to do, as hard as it is to make these changes you have to do whats right for your business and ultimately your clients.

As Jim Collins said: “the right people, in the right seats” and I had the right person but my seat needs to filled more than once a week.

Laura Horton

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