Break from work = illness?

Does anyone else become ill after taking two weeks off?

I never suffer with colds, in fact I swore that i didnt have one in 2011 – until I was reminded by my new fiance that last time we had two weeks off in April (our first two week break for 4 years) we both came down with a bad cold the day we arrived home.

So why is it then when we stop, we become ill?  This Christmas we agreed to spend two weeks together going out and having fun. Our phones were off, emails werent to be answered it was all about us and our families.

But now I have started 2012 with a sore throat and ear ache that has now grown into a cold – whats it all about?! I vow never to have two weeks off again!


(Don’t hold me to that, I have a honeymoon to arrange!)

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