The best time to delegate..

Outsourcing is key to success, we all know this but many struggle with the concept.

They are called “micro managers” in practice life usually are not micro managers. They are emotional people who feel bad about asking others to help them when they know they are so busy themselves.

I love to outsource, the most recent outsource was my ironing. At the end of October I faced a Sunday night of ironing to prep for the week ahead. The pile was out of control. I was tired, I wanted to relax and get an early night. Decision made, by 8am the next morning I was at the local ironing parlour. Job done.

All I had to do was put it away!

I had been toying with the idea of using the ironing parlour for some time but felt bad about doing so. Same as many practice managers and owners who right now face a week of pressure but do not feel comfortable to ask their team for help, be in the owner asking the manager or the manager asking their right hand person. Emotions get in the way.

I love this quote from Stephen Covey ‘Leaders schedule their priorities’. Too much truth sits behind it.

So how do you make the non emotional decision of who to outsource to?

You need to find that moment in your week we all dread. The moment where you feel stressed or overwhelmed. That time is the right head space for you to be in to make these choices. Why? Because of your stress levels for once, you are thinking about yourself.

This golden 15 minutes that happens once a week is the time where you stop what you are doing, write a comprehensive list if you do not have done so already, then you mark down next to each item who you can outsource each item to.

What do you delegate? Often the leaders in the practice are completing tasks that are reactive. These are the tasks to delegate, remembering that you are still responsible!

I hope that helps you to feel less overwhelmed about your to do list and helps some of you to feel less insulted about being called a micro manager!



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