Management Monday – the walk through

When did you last go on a practice ‘walk through’? By that I mean, looking at your premises through the eyes of your patients?

Sometimes we need to slow down, take stock and go back to basics. I would suggest that you and your team spend 20 minutes at the end of the day to walk around the practice and really look at its appearance. Day to day use of the practice can leave us all a bit blinkered as to how things really appear…………..Draw up a template and carry out a ‘Walk Through’ every 6 months, things to include?

The exterior of your building:

o       Does it need painting?

o       Are your windows regularly cleaned?

o       Is all signage clear,contemporary and clean?

o       Is the parking area weed free?

The practice interior:

These are a few of many aspects of your practice that you should be looking at. So, customise your template today and start your walk through this week. What you suddently ‘see’ may be very interesting………..

Nikki Berryman

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