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Sustainability in dentistry – how do we know our patients really care?

See what Laura Horton had to say in Straumann’s latest article on Sustainability in dentistry – how do you know our patients really care? ...

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Why you need to take a break now to avoid burnout

There is a huge problem in Dentistry right now. I have never witnessed such immense burn out like this, throughout the entire practice team, in most o...

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90 day dental day 5, co-discovery and options for patients’

Last week I had 3 videos published as part of 90 day dental, here is video two where I summarise co-discovery techniques and presenting options to pat...

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Dress code policy… I vote yes

I was watching a debate on Loose Women about make-up been worn at work (you now know my guilty TV pleasure). I love a good debate and this one struck ...

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