Are systems only for corporates? 

This is a question I get asked a lot! More questions or statements usually follow such as:

“why do I need them?

I am not in a corporate, I don’t want to be in a corporate or feel like a corporate”

When we discuss systems so many practice owners and managers feel that systemising the business will take away their unique identity.

I understand this concern and I know years ago in my career I felt the same way.

The successful brands big or small understand who they are, and how they want to be perceived on a day by day basis.

For your stakeholders to understand ‘who’ and ‘what’ you are,  you need to set brand systems so that every patient you see, can experience your unique offering.

If you do not do that, then the unique offering that you want each patient to receive only happens if the patient happens to come in on the right day at the right time to meet the ‘star’ team member in the practice.

So to answer the question “Are systems only for corporates”  the answer is no!

Whether you have a practice of 3 people or 20, or multiple practices – you all need systems.  Systems are the key to business success and they are not just for the cooperates they are for everyone.

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