You can crack it

A client of mine has been through a tough 12 months.

They had a long standing team and one by one they left for various reasons, one to study H&T, one moved away etc. I call this the circle of the dental team and it does happen to every business every 7 years or so.

This client has had new recruits who haven’t worked out so they have had to recruit again and again.

For those of us that have been there we know that this is tough and it takes its toll on everyone in the team, the disappoint, the training, the worry of ever getting it right again. You may even start to take it personally!

If you are in this situation right now let this post bring you a positive feeling as the great news is that this client has finally cracked it.

They were my exact words last week at the end of a team training day. The team are lovely and they have a great energy about them, always smiling no matter what hits the fan, and they are problem solvers.

I take my hate off to this client as they have done two things well:

  1. Followed their gut instinct. If someone didn’t feel ‘right’ on the trial day or first week then they were proactive and did something about it.
  2. They have not settled for anything other that what they need to support them in their business, they have waited for the right people.

They have had a tough 2017, they have been short staffed, under pressure but they have finally cracked it and I am over the moon for them all.


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