Wow factor examinations part 2

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Each week I meet dentists who do not like to talk to their patients about the fee they need to pay for their treatment.

I know its uncomfortable, believe it or not the last practice I worked for initially  had the TCOs confirming the fee to the patients’. The first time I did this (with no training) the fee was 30K! I was scarred silly and the patient didn’t go ahead – no surprise there when the dentist had legged it out of the room and I was shaking like a leaf!

If you want to be successful and do the dentistry that you enjoy you need to build value in the treatment in relation to the fee.

If you do not do this the patient will not trust in you, they wont value you. And if you send their plan in post or pass this task to your front desk team then you are asking the patient to react to the fee. Please note the full stop at the end of that sentence as that’s it gave over “react to the fee mr patient, as I don’t believe it in that’s why I am not telling you face to face.”

Treatment options should be presented to the patient in a clear and concise way, they need to be able to make informed decisions with the clinicians present so that they can asked questions and raise their objections. Receiving plans n the post ort at the busy desk does not allow the patients to do this.

My greatest joy each week – helping dentists to present the treatment options in a clear way, deliever the fee with confidence and get the patient to make an informed decision where they choose the best option for themselves for the long term.

Laura Horton

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