Why ‘change’ keeps you sharp

I am always seeking new things to do and in finding new challenges, forcing me to undertake positive changes that have a real impact on me.

Over the summer I decided to take up boxing!  I know, outrageous! But I have been inspired by a few people through Ultra boxing events for cancer research UK and I decided that it was time for me change things up with my fitness. 

In dental practices I often see objections to change, but change can be such an amazing experience when done correctly. When discussing changes with your team you must take time to explain the reason for change, give understanding of why you are making changes and be given an opportunity to have input so when it comes to implementation everyone is in it together.

Over the last 4 weeks, I have been adapting and making changes so that I can be successful at my new skill. Learning how to stand correctly, rotate my body whilst keeping balanced and learning boxing moves, hooks, jabs and crosses to name a few. Week 1 my head was a mash I struggled to understand what I needed to do, but already in 8 weeks I can move around the ring with balance and deliver synchronised moves. If you had told me 2 months ago I would be doing this I would have said ‘no way, so why has it been successful?

I have had a great leader who has mentored me through, shown me the right techniques, given me support and encouragement that I can do this.

Change and new skills are vital in a dental practice, life moves on quickly and we all need to be kept sharp to embrace new challenges. We all find change hard but we never talk about the enjoyment change brings and the sense of achievement. Whatever role you have in the practice, remember when changes are made, the focus should always be on the long term benefit of that change, not on the way it makes you feel right now. I often get grimaces when Laura and I are working with practices on areas such as diary zoning, telephone training, dental examination training, handover and clinical systems and so on …. but the power of change and the benefits far out weigh the small amount of discomfort, believe me. My advice is, don’t close your mind to change, change is what keeps us sharp and alive, you really don’t want every day to be the same, life would be very dull indeed and successful change keeps you sharp.


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