Who is responsible for your customer service?

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After a lengthy chat with a principal dentist last week I asked him a question which left him in a moments silence.

This principal and his business partner has structured their practice very well. They have systems for everything and every team member has responsibilities.

Then I asked: who is responsible for your customer service?

After a moments pause and thought the response was that his treatment coordinator will be, which made us laugh. That was the right answer.

Who is responsible for your customer experience? It is all to easy to say that the entire team must be responsible, one person must be and the easiest  way to do this is to have a fully functioning treatment coordinator in your dental business.

If your have one, you are half way there, but if they haven’t been trained and your TCO doesn’t have an efficient system to operate against them you are not using your Treatment Coordinator to your full potential!

Treatment Coordinator = person responsible for your patients experience.

Laura Horton

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