Which DCPs should have the ARF fee paid for them?

Every year I have the same question asked to me – many times.

Should the nurses in the practice pay their own fee or should the practice pay it?

If you have a fantastic team member then I think the practice should pay the ARF for them, it equates to £2.30 a week.

BUT if you have a team member or two that does not pull their weight them you should not pay their fee.

How would I describe a team member who is not pulling there weight? Here’s my top ten:

  1. Poor time keeping
  2. Poor attitude
  3. Negative behaviour or comments
  4. Poor patient care
  5. Lack of self motivation to learn
  6. Has time of sick (more than 3 days a year)
  7. Not supporting the vision of the practice and the business goals
  8. Not fulfilling their basic duties on time and when required – making excuses for everything (mainly that they are too busy or don’t have the time).
  9. Poor personal grooming
  10. Consistently not following practice protocols and procedures

So if you are a super DCP print this off and show your principal – look what problems they could be facing, you are a dream come true!

Laura Horton

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