When roadworks stop you growing your business

The vision is there, plans are made and you start off on track. warning-sign1

Typically something gets in your way – what do you do? Ignore the problem and carry on regardless or develop a new strategy?

Every week that I travel on the M25 I am faced with road works and accidents, do I sit still and patiently wait it out? No I don’t. I find an alternative route.

Never bury your head in the sand or convince yourself that your plans can’t be changed. As a leader of a business you are always going to run into problems when implementing a vision. I witness many leaders either stopping dead and not continuing, or carrying on even though they know the plan is doomed.

If you need to change your plans to meet your vision then that’s normal. Your map will always need updating and modifying – do not be afraid to say it needs changing and to take action as soon as you know it’s needed.


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