What is in your employee contract?

We are often helping our clients with issues that arise in the team.

Often I am presented with a situation and one of the first questions I will ask is “what does it say in their contract about xxxxx” contract

Without knowing what it says in the contracts as a business owner or manager, you are often left unable to deal with a situation as quickly as you would like to

A few weeks ago I was presented with a situation that turned out to be gross misconduct – sharing personal information.

The practice did not want to sack this person for this issue and dealt with it by giving a verbal warning instead.

You need to know what every aspect of your contract contains and it’s meaning. You also should go through the contract with new team members in their induction so that they understand the consequences of discussing their hourly rate of pay if this is something that is not allowed to be discussed and is stated in the contract of employment.

It also allows you to explain HR protocols in the practice so that the new employee can see that you take things seriously.


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