Up close and personal…..

This Friday and Saturday you will be able to meet the team at The Dentistry Show, so I thought I (Laura) would share a few personal facts with you, and to show goodwill I will share something about me at the end!

Why am I doing this?

  1. Because some facts are rather funny
  2. So you can see that they are normal people
  3. Because I want you to get to know them

I am starting with Michael:

(There is so much to write but I am going to keep it shortish!)

Favourite Song to get him dancing – Anything by Kylie his idol!

Favourite Love Song –  A Groovy Kind of love – Phil Collins, his wedding day song!

Favourite Film – Star Wars

Favourite TV Show – Doctor who – 50th Year and he has been a fan since he was 7!

Michael loves theatre and celebrated his 20th year on stage in 2012 – on Friday night he is performing at the Heart Your Smile, Big Heart Party!

He is chairman of a theatre company called STAGS

Michael plays local league tennis with Penns Tennis club is in a Book Club called Bookclubbers, loves cake baking and recently has started learning Spanish! (I know what you are thinking…. does this man have time to sleep?!)

Famous / funny  stories

  1. stalked Bonnie Langford until she became his friend – she is his theatre icon. Paige Toon (author) has written a credit and cameo appearance in her new book “One Long Summer” about this.
  2. All time favourite celeb meet was David Tennant and Billie Piper when Michael stewarded for a Doctor Who Convention!

Something you didn’t know about me (Laura):

I think Dr Hilary is gorgeous for an older man!! I love it when he is on breakfast TV!

Yes, you may laugh now….. 🙂


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