Unhappy customers

Myself and many others who present have been very unhappy of late with the update of Keynote for Mac’s. It ruins your presentations. The main issue is with the photographs.

Last week I updated Keynote, little did I know then when I opened my 4 presentations (2 of which are for a whole day) that they would need extra time spent on them to fix the issues.

The ranting on Facebook from me, David Nelson and James Russell to name a few reminded me of how easy it is for unhappy customers to share their thoughts online.

In a moments rage a patient of yours could be writing a post about your practice. I wish I had tagged Apple inc into my Facebook post – although I doubt I would of got a reply!

If I am ever unhappy I have to admit to tweeting the company I am unhappy with. This has resulted in nothing but positive outcomes for me (including free pizzas) but what happensunhappy1 if you do not monitor things?

I recently had a call booked with a new client, so like always I went through their website and Facebook. On Facebook there was a before and after case, and someone had commented that they wish they had ended up with the same end result.

Now this person had obviously had the same treatment but were they a patient? We will never know as that post was not responded to by the business! It’s left there for all to see.

If they were not a patient I would expect a comment back that confirmed to all reading that this person had not been treated by them, if they were a patient I would of contacted them by phone the next day to deal with their situation and comment.

Unhappy customers are everywhere and the more changes you put into your business the more people will have to say – and may say it online.

Monitor everything!


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