Under promise, over deliver

Normally we read about companies over promising and under delivering, but as I am happy go lucky positive personLaura_ Horton_ by_ Catchlight_Art_Photography (6) I thought I would share a story of the opposite!

Last week I decided that one of my favorite TV programmes Bones would be much better in HD. I am with Sky and am very loyal to them, I left once and would never leave them again.

I contacted Sky. Amazingly for once the phone was picked up in a couple of rings (once I had pressed several numbers to get me through to the right people), I spoke to a very happy team member in Cardiff, she processed my request and told me that the HD box would be with me by the 7th of June.

I did think that was a long time considering all they had to do was post it to me as I was installing it myself.

Today my brand new Sky HD box turned up. Once week early. Brilliant. I couldn’t be happier they have literally over delivered.

I installed the box, rang Sky as per the instructions to activate the HD channels. I was told 4-10 hours for the HD to work. Guess what – 5 minutes later is was working. Brilliant – over delivering again.

Everything that we do with our patients should be about over delivering, not over promising the same way in which Sky is keeping many of their customers happy you should endeavor to do the same.

Laura Horton

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