Two of my favorite slides

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Here are two of my favorite slides. As much as I love to create fresh material for my presentations, these are the “gems” which I have been using since 2009.




So what is this slide about?

Building value in the treatment in relation to the fee.

When the dentist ends their assessment and time is up, they either send the patient to the desk to see the lovely Sarah (left hand side photograph) to get their treatment plan, OR the dentist posts the treatment plan to the patient.

When the patient is at the desk they often say “how much?” and it is embarrassing for the team member dealing with this – Outcome A.

Outcome B – the plan is posted… well just imagine the last bad day you had at work. Then you get home and receive what is essentially a bill, with a letter containing lots of technical information that you don’t understand. What do you do with it? Put the letter in your “pile’ of paperwork – we all have one!

Take a look again at the first slide and the picture on the right. The letter is addressed to Santa Claus – that’s because you’re more likely to receive a reply from him than your patient – think about it!

The problem is that you are not building value in the treatment in relation to the fee, and this isn’t just a problem, it’s a BIG problem.

Why? Well, when you don’t build enough value:

Building value in the treatment in relation to the fee is a key responsibility for a treatment coordinator, and I thoroughly enjoy  teaching them how to do this!

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