Turn your patient into a fan

The perfect patient doesn’t just pop in every 12 months for a check up; they visit regularly, ST_HORTONCONSULTING_078have a oral health examination every 6 months, have treatment from the hygienist every 3 months and use great dental products at home. They look and feel fantastic.

How can I create the perfect patient?

You need to inspire you patients and show them how regular visits and good products can improve their experience – and their oral health. At their next visit, spend time giving great advice rather than discussing the weather or the cost of Christmas!

Treat every patient like a brideHow do you do it?

Over a period of time! Create a future treatment plan with your patient the same way you would for a bride. Understand what they want to achieve and what is important to them, then explain how your treatment plan is tailored to helping them achieve that.


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