Treatment Coordinator for existing patients’

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The role of the treatment coordinator is not only for new patients’ of your dental business, but it is also for existing patients’ too.

Imagine if you have a patient that starts asking you about implants, smile makeovers etc at their routine examination. Currently you spend time talking to them about the options. Maybe you have a busy list that day, maybe you are running late, maybe you dont want to talk about the fee as it is a high end treatment – do you rush through the options and leave the patient feeling like the fee does not match the value of the treatment?

This happens all to often. However, if you had a TCO you could say to Mrs Smith that you can  help her to achieve her goals the best thing to do know is to have a complimentary consultation with “Sarah” who can talk you through the solutions and fees, while at the same time understanding exactly what result she wants to achieve.

So now your patient has a great deal of time with a trained team member who

Using a TCO is not all about your new patients’. It is about making sure that you have set systems in your practice that build patients’ trust and respect in your practice, as well as giving them an increased chance of making a truly informed decision.

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