Treatment coordination top tips and myths debunked

On Thursday 28th of January, I held what will be the first of many Clubhouse rooms.

This was a nice start up ‘room’ and I had great support from the Dentist Club within Clubhouse.

The ethos of Clubhouse (currently for iPhone users only) is an audio-only collaboration. It is not a place to sell yourself but a place to connect, listen and learn. Perfect for me as I love to learn and engage with people as much as possible.

What did we discuss?

Myths of the TCO role –

  1. It is a sales role.

I squashed this firmly on the head confirming it is an education and consent role.

  1. You have to be GDC registered.

This is incorrect; however, my advice is always to recruit a dental nurse into the role which leads us nicely onto the                 top tips section.

For top tips for treatment coordination, we discussed:

  1. To be a world-class Treatment Coordinator you need to be a world-class dental nurse first
  2. How important it is to master the art of listening; it is such a vital skill!
  3. We also touched on the importance of defining unique selling points
  4. How important it is to know your dentists clinically and non-clinically
  5. How the brand experience is key to success in a high-end practice

We were on for an hour and it flew by!

We also discussed who prefers virtual free consultations and who prefers face to face ones and the reasons why it was great to hear about each other’s experiences. My preference is face to face due to the relationship-building aspect. I know I am great at building relationships with people, but it is far easier in person!

I will post more in each of these areas discussed over the next few weeks.

Look out on my social media channels for updates of my next Clubhouse room, hopefully, next week!








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