Treatment Coordination – proactive diary planning

Are Your Diary Zones Ready for the Holiday Season?

As the holiday season approaches (yes we are on the countdown to Easter or the May half term) balancing the schedules of your Treatment Coordinator and clinicians becomes a puzzle.

How do we maintain a seamless patient experience while accommodating annual leave?

The key lies in strategic diary zoning. By rethinking your scheduling approach, you can ensure TCOs remain productive and patients receive timely care upon the dentist’s return. This not only prevents backlog but also demonstrates a proactive mindset.

In your next management meeting, why not delve into how minor adjustments in your diaries could lead to major improvements in clinic efficiency and patient satisfaction.

The TCO role should not grind to a halt just because clinicians are on annual leave, and the clinicians shouldn’t be left in the lurch as the TCO is on annual leave either!

One question I often ask is.. is your patient experience protected?

Do you have a backup TCO?

Add these items to your agenda and review how you can protect the business and patient experience.


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