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In October 2011, Laura Horton is holding a one day Treatment Coordinator Course.

The one day courses aim to give the entire dental team a full overview of the three main aspects of the day to day role.


So many practices are busy seeing patients and producing treatment plans.  Too often however they are not translating this activity into doing the kind of dentistry that they would really like to do and more importantly they are not doing the kind of dentistry that their clients really want to have.

It is generally recognised that clinicians like to do clinical work and whether by delegation or abdication would prefer to leave “the rest” to someone else.  However without clear processes, the right people at each stage and the correct skills training there is confusion, poor customer service and patient dissatisfaction.

Through a blend of teaching, facilitated discussion, demonstration and hands on experience, this one day workshop is for those members of the practice team who want to explore the range of processes and the skills that are required to establish the role of the patient treatment coordinator.


At the end of the workshop delegates will be able to start:


Fee – £250 + vat

Date 7th October 2011

Discounts apply for Laura Horton Consulting, Medenta and Practice Plan clients.

Call 07912 360779 to book your place!

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