Treatment Coordination – are you the 1 in 10?

The one in ten. I may be aging myself but that is a catchy song from my younger years! I was only 2 when it was released but it has remained a classic sing-along that most people I know enjoy.

The meaning of the song related to employment in the 80’s. One in ten were claiming unemployment benefit in West Midlands in the summer of 1981.

These last few weeks I have had personal experiences with recruitment for my new clinic, so many applications for the front-of-house role in a matter of hours and 4 applicants for a qualified and experienced dental nurse within 12 hours and a few more have rolled in since. There were many more for a trainee nurse position too.

However, I shall stop digressing and get to the point… this blog is all about

Treatment Coordination!

Why did I start to think about the UB40 classic one in ten?

The reason why is that I estimate that only 1 in 10 clinics that have a TCO are using the role correctly:

If you are not the one in 10 then it is time to start reviewing how you are using the TCO role in your clinic.

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